Domenico - "Dom"

Electronic Piano Accordion, Lead Vocals, Musical Director

With over 25 years of professional entertainment experience, Domenico has formed the ultimate themed corporate band known as The Latin Mafia.  Armed with a vast repetoire of world music including Latin, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek as well as an endless cataloge of classic Jazz Standards, Classical, Ballroom, Street Latin, Contemporary, Rock & Pop, Domenico combines with 2, 3, 4 or more talented musicians to produce the unique Latin Mafia Sound suitable for any function. 

The current pool of Latin Mafia Band Members includes.........

Gianni Ciobo - "The Godfather"

Drums, percussion, rarely vocals, good jokes.........


David Pyke - "Pykie"

Trumpet, Baritone, backing vocals.........


Adam Connely - "Adamo"

Saxaphone, Flute, Guitar, backing vocals.........


Juan Hernandez - "Juancerro"

Percussion (coongo's, bongo's, timbales, cowbells, shakers etc.........)


Other Members (past & present) includes.........

Jose Arturo Vides      - Trumpet, Keyboard, Vocals

Benjamin Young       - Trombone, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Ewan McKenzie     - Guitar

Mark Pradella           - Saxaphone, Clarinet, Flute, Backing Vocals

Joe Howman              - Trumpet, Feugal, Backing Vocals

John Postlethwaite   - Drums, Backing Vocals

Harry Charles            - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Dimitri Prineas          - Guitar, Basouki, Vocals

Marco Taraborrelli   - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tony Russo                 - Accordion

Brannon Crickmore - Violin, Backing Vocals

Robbie Zullo              - Drums & percussion

                                and many others........


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